How to Find Your
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This bottle of Two-Hearted Ale has a Batch Number of 11152 and was packaged on May 24, 2012.

Bell's Batch Finder

The batch number you entered is not in our database for one of the following reasons.

  1. The batch number you entered predates the existence of our database records. Any information pertaining to batch numbers earlier than 6188 are not available via our website.
  2. The batch number you entered has not been packaged yet therefore it does not exist in our database at this time.
  3. The batch number you entered has been used for internal purposes only, i.e. test brews, Eccentric Café only beers, etc.

If you still feel you received this message in error or would like further information go to the Contact Us via 'Customer Service'. Please include the batch number in your email.

Find out when your Bell's beer was packaged to determine age and freshness. Locate the "Batch Number" on your label and search our database via the Batch Finder search form:

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