Looking for Bell's beer? A new, improved Beer Finder is now online

Bell's Brewery, Inc.


Locating your favorite Bell’s beer can be challenging and we have been working on ways to make this easier for some time.

Previously, our Beer Finder only listed contact information for each of our distributors by county in the 18 states we distribute to (in addition to Washington DC and Puerto Rico) highlighted in the map to the right.

Now we have something more direct.

Today we are launching a brand new Beer Finder that will allow many of our fans to locate Bell’s beer based on their zip code or address whether at a bar, a restaurant, a retailer or all of the above. There is also a mobile friendly version that can be used when on the go.

While this is a drastic improvement for many, unfortunately our fans in certain areas will still have to contact our distributors directly. This is simply beyond our control and we have listed those areas below along with contact information for each distributor. This contact information will always be available on our website as well.

Here is how to use the new Beer Finder.

Visit our Beer Finder online: http://bellsbeer.com/brands/brand-finder/

Enter your zip code or address (an address is required for directions).

Choose which locations you would like to visit (bars, restaurants, retail outlets, all).

Select which beer or beers you are looking for (you can also choose our entire portfolio).

Click the “Show Results” button.

A Google map with a list of nearby locations and contact information for each will load based on your search. It will also show you what other Bell’s brands are available as well, just in case something else catches your eye.

This information can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You can also get a link for your results to share via email.

We still suggest calling ahead to individual locations to confirm that what you are looking for is still available before you head out the door, as these results link to distributor deliveries, not the real-time inventories or draft offerings of these locations, and are thus subject to change.

Distributor contact information

Here are the areas where the Beer Finder’s reach is restricted and who to contact for help locating Bell’s beer.

Georgia: Savannah Distributing, 912-233-1167

Iowa: MJ Distributing, 515-276-2659

Ohio: Premium Beverage Supply, 614-777-1007

North Carolina: Tryon Distributing, 704-334-0849

South Carolina: Advantage Fine Wine, 843-225-2005

Counties in southeast Pennsylvania -

Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, Cumberland, Franklin, Adams, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Duaphin: Westy’s Beer Distributor, 717-737-2621

Wayne, Pike, Lackawanna, Monroe, Luzerne, Carbon, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Philadelphia: Shangy, Inc, 610-967-1701

Marquette County (Michigan): Ward Beverage, 810-767-8720

Douglas County (Wisconsin): Michaud, 715-392-1500

Bell’s experimental hop series will feature 7 different styles of beer exclusive to the Eccentric Cafe

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

EXPhops.jpgKALAMAZOO - If you’ve visited the Eccentric Café or checked the tap cam recently, you may have noticed an odd name on the big board above the bar.

Beside more familiar names like Two Hearted Ale, Amber Ale and Kalamazoo Stout was something more formal – EXP Hop 2011-1. This experimental beer was just the beginning of a series of brews that will only be available at our pub in downtown Kalamazoo.

This experimental hop series will continue with six additional beers, each brewed using a different type of hop and released over the next few months. The overall goal is to explore the aromatic qualities of each and assess their potential for future brewing.

“This is a series of beers where we are actually working hand in hand with hop growers. Just like brewers, hop growers are also looking to expand the flavor profiles available to craft beer drinkers and we are very fortunate to have this kind of unique access,” said Andy Farrell, one of Bell’s brewers working on the project.

The series started with a newly developed hop now named Zythos, which is in its first year of commercial use. The rest of the series will feature hop varietals coming straight from the growers’ trial plots; these have yet to been formally named and are still designated with numbers. They are very limited both in quantity and availability, arriving as single bales or even mini-bales (photo at right).

While a few of the beers in this series have been brewed, most are still in the planning stages. Rather than brewing multiple variations of a basic pale ale, this project will match each hop to a different style aimed to showcase the varietal’s range & versatility. Below is a brief rundown of which hops we will be using in this series, along with aroma descriptions from our bale assessments to get you acquainted.

We’re tremendously excited about this opportunity to work with hop growers from the Pacific Northwest in evaluating these new varietals, and we think you’ll enjoy this window into the future of American hops. Look for more information about each here on our blog and on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) as we go forward.

The hops used in this series:

EXP Hop 2011-1: Zythos  – Citrusy, with a bright grapefruit note and apricot & pine aromas in the background

EXP Hop 2011-2: Type 366 – Tropical fruit notes and piney, reminiscent of Simcoe hops 

EXP Hop 2011-3: Type 509 – Floral, with an interesting herbal note 

EXP Hop 2012-1: Type 423 – Very pungent fruity & floral aroma, with pine as a secondary note

EXP Hop 2012-2: Type 556 – Intense floral character with fruity undertones 

EXP Hop 2012-3: Type 998-13-1 – Distinctive lemon notes

EXP Hop 2012-4: Type 291 – Citrus & pine notes, very pungent

To see if any if any of these beers are currently on tap at the Cafe, take a look at our Draft Cam.

Homebrewing guide, Eccentric Café chili recipe now available to download

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

IMG_2240.JPG The General Store's David Curtis and Ryan Kramer recently led a homebrewing demonstration as part of Kalamazoo Beer Week at the Eccentric Café.

A five gallon batch of amber ale was brewed in honor of Bell’s flagship beer, Amber Ale.

We had a great turnout and want to thank everyone who joined us.

If you would like a copy of the handout from the event, you can download a PDF version (also includes basic steps to your first bottling day) here: BellsHomebrewNotes.pdf

The Eccentric Café also participated in the 2012 Downtown Kalamazoo Chili Cook-off. If you were unable to get a sample or simply want another taste at home, you can download the smoked buffalo and black bean chili recipe here as well: SmokedBuffaloChili.pdf

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