Make an autumn wreath out of Best Brown and Two Hearted cans

Melissa DeKoff | Bell's Brewery

Aluminum cans hold many benefits for beer drinkers, from their ability to go places that glass can’t to keeping out oxygen and light.

Looking for a way to upcycle your Bell’s cans and celebrate the fall?

Then this Upcycled Can Autumn Wreath is for you!

We used an empty twelve pack of 12 oz. Two Hearted cans, two four-packs of Best Brown cans along with an EK tools leaf die cut punch to put together this fun, beer-centric? take on a seasonal wreath!


  • Two Hearted & Best Brown Cans – rinsed and dried
  • Scissors
  • Can opener
  • Fork
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Flat floral and craft ring
  • Large leaf paper punch (we used EK Tools Maple Leaf Large Punch)
  • Ribbon


  1. Rinse out your cans with warm, soapy water. 
  2. Carefully, remove top of can using a can opener. 
  3. After the top has been removed, use scissors to cut [vertically along the government warning?] down the government warning. 
  4. Remove the curved top of the can. 
  5. Next, remove the bottom.
  6. Use scissors to make clean cuts on all four edges of can to make a rectangle shape. Use caution while cutting the aluminum.
  7. Using the leaf paper punch, punch out leaves from your Best Brown and Two Hearted aluminum rectangles. Be careful with sharp edges.
  8. After you have punched out your leaves, you can use the edge of a fork to emboss leaf veins before you affix to your craft ring. This will also help the leaves curve in the right direction for your wreath.
  9. Tie a ribbon at the top of your craft ring to hang the finished wreath. After tying ribbon, use excess ribbon to create a loop to hang your wreath. 
  10. Begin applying leaves to craft ring using a hot glue gun. Apply the leaves in random orientation and layer to build out the shape and add depth. 
  11. After your leaves are applied, go through and fan out the edges of the leaves to create a textured look.
  12. Hang the wreath, crack open a Best Brown Ale and enjoy!

We’re Rolling Out the Barrel for the Third Year in a Row

Aaron Steinmann | Bell's Brewery

What happens when you take some of your favorite brews and age them in a barrel? You end up with an eclectic list of beers truly deserving of Bell’s Eccentric Café. 

On Sunday. Oct 4 at 11 a.m., we’ll be rolling out over 20 barrel-aged beers at the Café for our Third Annual Roll Out the Barrel Celebration. Tickets are not required for this event, but quantities of these specialty brews are limited.


We'll have both new and old barrel aged favorites, including:

Le Pianiste (5.6%)

Rustic Amber Ale w/Brettanomyces , Funky, bright tart finish

Le Contrebassiste (7.0%)

Brown Ale w/Brettanomyces, funky, fruity, light tart finish

Wild One (6.1%)

Tart, fragrant, vinous, wild fermented brown ale

Tawny Port Baltic Porter (9.9%)

Smooth chocolate, grape and complex dried berry notes

Sherry Barrel BIACS (10.0%)

Nutty w/ herbal hops. Barleywine aged in sherry barrels

Mrs Castries (7.7%)

Tart Brown ale aged in rum barrels. Molasses and caramel

Heaven Hills BBA Expo Stout (12.5%)

Expedition Stout aged in Heaven Hills Whiskey Barrels

Two James BBA Expo Stout (12.8%)

Expedition Stout aged in Two James Whiskey Barrels

Larry's Magical Ale (13.7%)

Strong dark ale, aged in a bourbon barrel for 5 years

Le Bretteur (6.3%)

Bright, citrus zest, vinous

Uberon (9.7%)

Whiskey character, spicy, toffee, strong, warming

T.C Whiskey BBL Porter (11.7%)   

Vanilla, milk chocolate, oak, whiskey, warming

Pecan Pie Porter (6.6%)

Nutty, mild wood notes, chocolate, sweet

Wildberry Rye (10.2%)

Berry, tart, dry, vinous, tannic, barrel aged

Sauternes Mead (11.1%)

Ripe white grapes and stone fruit aromas, bright honey flavors

Tequila Barrel-aged Mead (12.5%)

Honey, oaky vanilla, citrus and agave notes 

Mr Castries Vilnius (11.3%)

Baltic Porter aged in Jamacian rum barrels

T.C. Cherry Third Coast Old Ale (12.6%)

Warming, Oaky, Light Vanilla, Maraschino Cherry.

Smoked Applewood Porter (7.1%)

Light smoke, Chocolate, Woody, Subtle Vanilla

2010 Third Coast Old Ale Reserve (10.9%)

Aged in bourbon barrels for 2 years 

L'Appel Du Vide- Saskatoon (3.6%)

Session Sour w/Saskatoon Berries

Download Best Brown wallpapers for your phone, tablet and computer

Josh Smith | Bell's Brewery

2015_BBA_tabletWP.jpgAdd some fall to your favorite glowing rectangle.

Based on this year’s seasonal theme, below are some Best Brown wallpapers that you can download for free for your tablet, your computer and/or your phone.

Don’t forget to check-in to Best Brown on Untappd to unlock this year’s badge, available until Oct. 21. And check out our Fall Bucket List as inspiration for our Best Brown Photo Challenge.

Cheers to autumn!

Best Brown computer wallpaper

Best Brown phone wallpaper

Best Brown tablet wallpaper

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