Tour through Bell's history

A lot has happend since 1985.

Installation of the first set of 400-barrel fermentation vessels in 2006

A toast...

Brewing Eccentric Ale

Larry & his children in the brewery office, back in 1990

A Bell family portrait, circa 1990

Flag-raising at the dedication ceremony of the main production brewery in 2003

John & Gary checking out construction of the new brewery in 2002

An exterior view of the grain silos & brew house in 2005

Four new 200-barrel fermenters being delivered in 2004

A 200-barrel fermenter being maneuvered into the Comstock location

A 200-barrel fermenter being maneuvered into the Comstock location

A draft handle sticking out of the old beige festival van

Patrons hanging out with Michael Jackson during the old days

400-barrel fermenters during installation in 2006

Lowering the new kettle through the roof in 2007

Installation of our custom-designed kettle in 2007

The last tank being lowered into place during installation of the second set of 400-bbl vessels in 2008; note the person in the lower left corner!

Lowering the last of the new 400-barrel fermenters in 2008

Looking out over the second set of 400-barrel fermenters before the roof went on

The only way to get the new kettle into the brew house was through the ceiling

A view down one array of 400-barrel fermenters

A set of plastic drums serving at fermenting vessels

Checking on an active fermentation in one of the earliest fermenting vessels

A 200-barrel fermenter being maneuvered into the Comstock location

A 200-barrel fermenter being maneuvered into the Comstock location

An open house at the brewery, several years before the Eccentric Cafe opened

Part of the 30-barrel brew house, several of these vessels are actually still in use in our current brewing system.

Early fermenters circa 1990; this space is now used for our wood-aging projects

The building that became the brewery was many things over the years, the last being a hardware store.

One of our early grain mills

Brewing on Eccentric Day 2007

Setting up to fill a run of side-fill kegs in the '90s

The vacant lot behind the Eccentric Cafe that eventually became the Beer Garden.

Rik, managing a boil

Hand-stacking cases in 2001 at the original brewery

The grain silos and milling area at the original brewery

Preparing to fill kegs in the late 1990s

A 200-barrel fermenter being lifted off a truck in 2004

A 200-barrel fermenter being maneuvered into the Comstock location

Fermenter installation in 2004

A view of the 50-barrel brew house in 2005

Installation of the 50-barrel brew house at the Comstock location in 2002

Tom, preparing to transfer beer when we still bottled at the downtown location

Open-top vessels in the Comstock brewery's fermentation cellar

Our first expansion: the 1-barrel brewing system

A view from the homebrew shop's original location on Burdick Street

The lauter tun from our former 30-barrel system. This vessel has been moved over to our 15-barrel system for specialty batches.

Filling cases with bottles in 2001

Filled kegs being lifted off the conveyor onto waiting pallets. This line can be run anywhere between 150-280 kegs per hour, depending on demand.

A view of our fermentation area during installation of 400-barrel fermenters

Exterior view of the new atrium & nearly completed patio area

More of the refurbished patio & deck seating area

Looking up at the atrium ceiling

Construction site of the new music hall; the stage is in the background

The beer garden's refurbished patio nearing completion

The balcony under construction in the new music space

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