Bell’s hosts meeting on safety in craft beer

Fritz Klug | Bell's Brewery

MI_OSHA_2016-Apr-27.jpgSafety is paramount to everything we do, so it was a pleasure to host state agencies and industry colleagues for a special meeting regarding it at the Eccentric Cafe.

We teamed up with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) for “Coffee with MIOSHA.”

The event allowed brewers, winemakers and distillers to talk to the agencies about workplace safety and health, liquor licensing and enforcement.

During the event, our Safety Manager David Currier and members of the Brewers Association’s Safety Committee shared a new safety module about health and safety in the craft beer industry.

“Bell’s Brewery was pleased to host this event,” David said. “Sharing our space and the safety tools developed by the Brewers Association and Master Brewers Association of the Americas is all part of our ‘safety always’ culture.”

The program was developed with grant funding from Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

To learn more, check out LARA’s website.

Celebrate National Homebrew Day with this Two Hearted clone recipe

Fritz Klug | Bell's Brewery

two hearted clone-1.jpg

Today we celebrate National Homebrew Day. It all began for us when our founder Larry Bell started brewing on a 15 gallon soup pot.

More than 30 years later, homebrewing continues to be an important part of who we are as a brewery.

So, how are you going to celebrate?Here is a link from the American Homebrewers Association of a clone recipe brewed by two of our resident homebrew experts,  for one of our most popular beers: Two Hearted Ale.

Two Hearted is a favorite of homebrewers. Readers of Zymurgy, published by American Homebrewers Association, picked the IPA as the second best beer in America.

We also sell everything you need to start brewing at our General Store,both in Kalamazoo and online. If you have any questions about your brews, we’d love to help.

Coffee IPA and employee homebrew winner, ‘Wide Eye PA,’ now on tap

Fritz Klug | Bell's Brewery

wide eye pa-1.jpg

If you’ve been to the Eccentric Café recently you may have have tried Wide Eye PA, but may not know it was the winner of our Employee Homebrew Competition.

Now in its second year, teams are made up of employees from across the brewery. Each group presents the beer they brewed together over the summer during our annual Bell’s Family Meeting in September. Wide Eye PA was selected by a panel of Bell’s judges as their top choice.

The team — Sid, David, Devin and Chris — came up with the idea over a “shifty” after they finished working third shift. They knew they wanted to brew an IPA, but since it was 9 a.m. and they had stayed up all night, all they could think about was coffee.

The seeds of Wide Eye PA were sown.

Wide Eye straddles the line between an American Pale Ale and an IPA with a firm bitterness and bright hop aromatics. Instead of dry-hopping it, the team decided to go another route and added whole coffee beans during fermentation.The coffee is sourced from ChocolaTEA café in Portage, Michigan.

wide eye single-1.jpg

They tried several different ways of mixing coffee and beer — including brewing hops in a coffee machine and tasting it, which result in wrecked pallets for a week.. Ultimately, dry hopping with coffee beans provided by far, the most interesting taste.

Given their schedules, they ended up brewing on a Wednesday morning after working 8 and 12-hour shifts.

The team brewed Wide Eye PA at our original brewery in downtown Kalamazoo, where so many other new beers are now born.

Wide Eye PA is now available at the Eccentric Cafe, but before you visit, always be sure to check our Draft Cam (it updates throughout the day).

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