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Hazy Hearted: A Modern Go-To IPA Bursting With Fruity Hoppy Flavor

April 17, 2024

If you catch our Brewmaster Andy Farrell out and about enjoying a beer, it’s probably a Hazy Hearted. 

“Hazy Hearted is what I drink at home,” Andy said. “I love the hops, the aroma intensity, everything about the beer.” 

So, what’s at the heart of Hazy? Like the original, it’s all about the hops. While Two Hearted is brewed with just one hop, Centennial, Hazy Hearted explores some of Andy’s favorite modern hops from the past decade. 

“The hops in that beer are awesome,” Andy said. “Strata and Mosaic are the stars of the show, and Galaxy and Citra add a lot to the aroma.” 

Coming in at 7.5% ABV, Hazy Hearted has a golden color with tropical, ripe fruit and citrus notes. There’s a moderate bitterness balanced with a slight sweetness and a soft, pillowy mouthfeel. 

Hazy Hearted continues the IPA tradition which Bell’s has been part of since the beginning with Two Hearted. Over the years, our innovation brewing team has experimented with different IPA recipes, many released at the Eccentric Café and General Store, until they finally reached one that lives up to the Hearted name. 

“The core of the Hearted family is tied to the roots of OG craft beer and hops,” Andy said. “With beers like Hazy and Big Hearted, we have this opportunity to keep innovating and brew modern IPAs.” 

And the response from beer drinkers has been gratifying. In 2023, Hazy Hearted was distributed in just nine states, but had the fourth-largest craft beer launch in the country. And now in 2024, it’s being distributed across the United States. 

“The whole team is proud of that” expanded distribution, Andy said. “From the innovation team to brewing to packaging, it takes the entire brewery to release a beer like Hazy Hearted.” 

Hazy Hearted is available in 12 oz and 19.2 oz cans, and on draft. Find it near you using our Beer Finder. 

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