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Just a really nice beer: Get to know No, Yeah from Bell’s

January 20, 2021

We would like to (politely) introduce you to our newest release specifically for those in the Midwest.

No, Yeah, is our latest year-round release; it will start shipping next week here in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Minnesota.

An easy-drinking Golden Ale with an ABV of 4.5%, No, Yeah is bright and fun inside and out. This lighter craft beer option is crisp and dry with a slightly sweet flavor profile. It is balanced, not overly bitter, and will resonate with fans of lagers and those just looking for a really nice beer.

“We saw an opportunity with our core offerings, part of a growing market, but also a niche that’s near and dear to us as proud Midwesterners,” Larry Bell, president and founder said.

This beer will appeal to those who are looking for another alternative to higher ABV beers, something that is crisp and refreshing and not too hoppy,” he added.

Both the name and packaging play into Midwest politeness and memes that share in that culture. Phrases like “ope”, ” ‘scuse me” and “let me sneak past ya” are all part of the fun of this new Bell’s offering.

No, Yeah is the perfect easy-drinking Golden Ale for all things Midwest. It begins shipping the week of Jan. 18. No, Yeah will be available to purchase at the Bell’s General Store and Eccentric Cafe in downtown Kalamazoo on Jan. 18.

Get to know No, Yeah

Style: Easy-drinking Golden Ale – clean, crisp, balanced

Alc. by Vol.: 4.5%

Packaging options: Draft, 6-pack cans (12 oz.)

Shelf life: 6 months

Recommended glassware: nonic or pint glass

Distribution: Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Minnesota (originally). Beginning in 2022, the distribution of this beer will also include Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.

Midwestern-ese Explained

  • No Yeah = Yes
  • Yeah No = No
  • Yeah No for sure = definitely
  • No yeah no = oh no you’re fine
  • yeah no yeah = I’m sorry, but unfortunately, the answer is yes
  • Ope, sorry = I’m just gonna sneak past ya and grab the ranch

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