Brother Wolf w/ Aweful

Brother Wolf w/ Aweful

Backroom concert

Must have valid photo ID to verify age (21+) and identity at the door.

This show is standing room only.

Event Door Time: August 17th, 2023 – 7:00pm
Ticket Price: FREE SHOW!

About the artist:

Brother Wolf is from Michigan. This multifaceted creative, with an extensive background in communications arts (Professor of Communication Studies), has published music and art zines, as well as recorded, mixed, and mastered albums for dozens of bands and solo artists. The frontman of Michigan-based alt-rock bands Head and Love Fossil, he recently redirected his energies, devoting them to his solo work. Brother Wolf, three years since self-admittance to in-patient rehab, is channeling pure signal, healing through the fuzz of no regrets and a future wed to his true love and only addiction – rock and roll.

Following up his 2019 EP Show Me Your Teeth, No Masters explores many hard-hitting topics through its ten tracks, from foreshadowing a future-is-female world to promoting anti-racism through healing, this record covers a full spectrum of progressive anthems. Brother Wolf is a multi-instrumentalist, performing the majority of the instruments and arrangements on No Masters. Through a non-linear process, Brother Wolf creates sonic collages with layers of guitar, occasional horns, strings, and piano, always driven by a strong foundational melodic bass line. Lyrically inspired by the wordplay in hip hop, Brother Wolf’s theatrical vocals add a layer of poetic justice to his compositions. Melodies reminiscent of Bowie, Thurston Moore, and Josh Homme unite to create the unique sound of Brother Wolf.

A consistent message throughout the entirety of the album is an improvement, both of the self and society as a whole. Straying from nay-saying and platitudes, Brother Wolf delivers thick rock with layers of thunder and melody, transmitted through the beat of a tender honest heart. Through listening and feeling Brother Wolf’s sounds, listeners are inspired to live a life of positive action rather than passive complacency. Brother Wolf empowers listeners to take control of their own lives while simultaneously emphasizing the responsibility we have toward one another.

Aweful from Chicago:

Brother Wolf with Aweful

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