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Store Information, Policies & Privacy

Privacy Policy

Bell's Brewery will not sell, distribute, or otherwise abuse your information including your phone number, e-mail address, home address, etc.  No promotions or newsletters will be sent without your explicit consent (opt-in) and all other communications will be limited to ensuring you receive your order in a timely and safe fashion. For our full privacy policy please visit this link http://bellsbeer.com/privacy-policy.


Address & Contact

Bell's General Store 355 E Kalamazoo Ave Kalamazoo, MI 49007 - Storefront Phone  (269) 382-5712 Mo-Sa 10am-9pm; Su 12am-7pm (EST)

Bell's General Store Online (Shipping Only) 1400 S 35th St Galesburg, MI 49053 - Bell's General Store Online Manager Phone (269) 250-8484

Please use the contact form at https://bellsbeer.com/contact/ and choose the contact "E-Store" for Bell's General Store related questions.

Returns and Exchanges

Please visit this page http://bellsbeer.com/store/pages/Returns-%26-Exchanges.html

Bell's General Store Pricing, Item Availability, Sales and Coupons

Bell's General Store's online store and our brick-and-mortar store in Kalamazoo, MI are both run by Bell's Brewery, Inc. however each store is an independent operation at separate locations.  As such, certain items may have slightly different pricing, and sales or coupons may only be applicable to items in the online store or the brick-and-mortar store and not both.  Please use the contact form at https://bellsbeer.com/contact/ and choose the contact "E-Store" for any specific questions.  

Some items may be available online-only, in-store only, or at both. Please contact us at https://bellsbeer.com/contact/ and choose the contact "E-Store" if you have any specific questions about an item you are interested in.


Gift Certificates

Bell's General Store Online does not currently support gift certificates, including those sold by our brick-and-mortar store in Kalamazoo.  If you have one of these gift certificate and are unable to use it in the store, please call Bell's General Store at (269) 382-5712 to place an order over the phone.


Active Duty Military Discounts

Bell's General Store offers an Active Duty military discount of 10% for all homebrewing purchases.  Please use the contact form at https://bellsbeer.com/contact/ and choose the contact "E-Store" to contact us for instructions on how to receive the discount (verification required).  Please keep in mind that shipping to places outside of the continental US may exponentially increase shipping times.  Please see https://bellsbeer.com/store/pages/Shipping-Information.html for more information about shipping times.

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