Celebrate Diversity

Bell’s is #OpenToAll

We imagine a workplace that represents our global community – with many different people and cultures, where diverse ideas can thrive. Only once we have created an equitable and inclusive environment can we realize diversity worthy of true celebration. In the meantime, we strive to celebrate the individual experiences and identities that bring a broad range of perspective to Bell’s — creating exceptional experiences for both our employees and the communities we touch. 

Our work in equity and inclusion involves action that inspires the engagement and empowerment of a diverse workforce and community. This is an ongoing process, and we commit to that work. Every day.

What does this look like?

  • Bringing voices to the table to ensure our messaging and even our packaging is more resonant for all. 
  • Continuing existing community partnerships while seeking out new opportunities to support, learn from, and amplify
  • Providing tools that allow all of our employees to report discrimination or harassment of any kind safely.

Inspired inclusion

This means we work to create an environment where everyone feels welcome as their full, authentic selves. This includes our Celebration Series – brews we create throughout the year by committee of members from underrepresented groups and their allies.

What Equality means to us

Equal is not equitable. To ensure equity, we have to examine whose voices are the loudest and then address the system to amplify those who are underrepresented and unheard. For example, continuing to evaluate ways we provide opportunities to access development across our various business areas and teams OR creating a diverse coworkers champions council to inform and influence business and leadership decisions.

Bell’s Celebration Series continues with Seneca Village

Bell’s Celebration Series continues with Seneca Village

Seneca Village, the sixth beer to be designed and brewed by Bell’s staff, celebrates our Black and African American employees. It was brewed to bring awareness to a part of American history that is often hidden or left out of more forward-facing narratives. A Black...

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