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Bell’s has been creating unique and inspired craft beer in Michigan for more than three decades. The first Michigan brewery to open an onsite pub and sell beer by the glass, Bell’s has grown to become a premier craftbrew destination for the Great Lakes region and beyond with distribution in 43 states, two facilities, a taproom, a concert venue, a unique beer garden, and 500+ passionate employees making thoughtfully-, artistically-, and creatively-brewed quality craft beers.

Hazy Hearted

Practice Makes Perfect

Hazys come and hazys go but none have this much heart. 

You asked for a hazy IPA and we’re thrilled to announce we made one! Sure it took a couple of decades, but when the goal is perfection, what’s the rush? With tropical and fruity aromas, this hazy IPA finishes smooth. Hazy Hearted IPA. Finally.

bells general store clothing sale

General Store Clothing Sale!

T-shirts, jerseys, button-ups—Oh my! Check out our clothing sale in store and online.

Hop Quiz—Two Truths & a Lie Edition


Try your luck at this Oberon-themed Hop Quiz!

Oberon is the name of the fairy king from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Forsooth, this one’s true! Try again.

Oberon is the name of the outermost satellite of Uranus.

This one’s true. We wouldn’t dare make this kinda thing up.

Oberonia is the name of a rare four-petaled species of rose.

You found the lie! Oberonia is a genus in the orchid family.