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Bell’s has been creating unique and inspired craft beer in Michigan for more than three decades. The first Michigan brewery to open an onsite pub and sell beer by the glass, Bell’s has grown to become a premier craftbrew destination for the Great Lakes region and beyond with distribution in 43 states, two facilities, a taproom, a concert venue, a unique beer garden, and 500+ passionate employees making thoughtfully-, artistically-, and creatively-brewed quality craft beers.

Just A Really Nice Beer

We would like to (politely) introduce you to our newest Midwest-exclusive release

An easy-drinking Golden Ale, No, Yeah is bright and fun inside and out. This lighter craft beer option is crisp and dry with a slightly sweet flavor profile. It’s sure to resonate with fans of lagers and those just looking for a really nice beer.

Celebrating Diversity. Every. Single. Day

Featuring the all-inclusive Celebrate Diversity Logo on eco-fleece, you can wear this Earth-friendlier cozy crewneck sweatshirt with pride.

Dress for the Occasion

New Oberon Gear for 2022

We all love Oberon in our glass, but what about on our back? T-shirts, hats, pet toys, hammocks and more, we have all the Oberon gear you need to Reach for the Sun.

Oberon 2022 merch, including tshirts and candles

Hop Quiz—Two Truths & a Lie Edition


Which one of these is NOT a real Oberon variant?


Uberon: Oberon’s bourbon barrel-aged cousin.

Nope, this one’s the real deal.

Tropical Oberon Ale: a mango, guava, and passionfruit take on the classic.

Nah, this was really available in 2021 and ‘22.

Oktoberon: fermented for six weeks, this Oberon is ready for Oktoberfest.

Yup, it’s fake! Oberon in the fall? Yeah, right.