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5 Ways to Up Your Beer Can and Bottle Recycling Game

November 6, 2023

We do numerous things at the brewery to help reduce our overall environmental impact, including recycling many materials used to brew, package, and ship our beer. But what can you do as an enthusiastic beer drinker to ensure you are doing your part? Here are some tips and life hacks to make your beer can and bottle recycling empties:

  1. Empty your bottles and cans: One of the most annoying parts of recycling is dealing with sticky, leftover beer residue. Do yourself and the recyclers a favor by emptying every last drop before tossing those empties in the recycling bin! And hey, who would want to waste a single drop of Two Hearted?
  2. Dedicate a spot to store empties: When cans and bottles need to be returned to get your deposit back, they can quickly take up a lot of space. Putting bottles and cans back into their original container to stack and store them efficiently is a life hack that can streamline recycling in your home.
  3. Use bottle and can return services: If you have a deposit system in your state, use it. For those unfamiliar, when purchasing some kinds of beverages, there is a charge for each bottle and can, which is reimbursed when it’s returned. It’s important to learn your local recycling procedures to make sure you are returning your bottles and cans most effectively. Returning your bottles for deposit gets them to glass recyclers, and back into new bottles quicker.
  4. Learn: There are different recycling rules depending on where you live. Learn what can and cannot be recycled in your area at
  5. Be aware of specific types of packaging: There are many kinds of beer packaging. Take cans, for example. While most labels are printed on aluminum, some have a wrap. If a can has a sticker or plastic wrap, remove it before recycling.

Want to skip recycling altogether? Get a keg or growler of your favorite brew! No need to recycle when you are reusing the package 🙂


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