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Inspired Giving awards $113k to clean water nonprofits in 2023

March 22, 2024

Clean water is vital not just for great tasting beer, but for everyone to live healthy and full lives. In Michigan, we know this first-hand: we’re surrounded by the Great Lakes and know the threats posed to our waterways. 

That’s why in 2023, we donated $113,600 to organizations supporting clean water stewardship nationwide. 

Of those gifts, $73,000 was awarded through our annual Water Stewardship Grassroots Grant Cycle. Our coworker grants committee awarded grants to sixteen nonprofit organizations, based across the country, to support their important work of protecting life-sustaining clean water. 

“Clean water is vital for much of what we do,” said Amy Richards, a community engagement specialist who helps organize the grant cycle.  “Whether we are drinking it to stay hydrated, enjoying it recreationally at a local beach or river, or brewing beer with it, it’s a precious resource to each and every one of us.” 

Our grants fund organizations and programs focused on:  

  • Strengthening and protecting ecosystem health and biodiversity, 
  • Improving the use of water resources for the protection and benefit of public health and frontline communities, and 
  • Promoting resiliency and adaptation in the face of climate-related water risks.   

“Our grant cycle has been a fantastic way for us to understand the needs of our communities and where we can support organizations that share our passion and support for protecting this resource,” Amy added. “We continue to keep focus on Water Stewardship and grow this grant cycle for the priority that this resource should be to everyone!” 

What’s Inspired Giving? The Bell’s Inspired Giving program is a key tenant of our Inspired Brewing philosophy and has been designed to benefit the communities where people enjoy our beer. For every barrel of beer we sell, $1 is donated to nonprofit organizations that are working to help solve the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.

Specifically, these organizations focus on areas such as conserving wetlands, rivers, and coastlines, enhancing sustainable agriculture, and promoting public enjoyment and grassroots education of watersheds. We’d like to thank everyone who applied to our grant cycle in 2023. 


What’s next? Our Inspired Giving Water Stewardship Grant Cycle is coming back this year! Applications will be open from June 1 through July 31, 2024, with awardees notified around mid-September. Learn more about our Inspired Giving program and commitment to clean water stewardship. 

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