Music that you can drink to: Playlists inspired by Bell’s Oberon and Two Hearted

June 22, 2023

Music and beer are one of our favorite pairings. Here’s some playlists we made inspired by our beers to add some notes to your toasts! Available on Apple Music and Spotify.


Curated by our coworkers at the Eccentric Café, this playlist features tunes we’ve played on several Oberon Days — songs for the sun, pool, beach or backyard get together.

Apple Music | Spotify

Two Hearted

Inspired by bands who’ve played in the early days of the Eccentric Café and music about our home state of Michigan, this Two Hearted playlist is great for road trips, weekend getaways and adventures anywhere.

Apple Music | Spotify


Eccentric Day 2019 was an epic party, made possible by a DJ set that spanned the decades. Nearly four hours of hits, rarities and oddities to put on at your next party to keep the groove in tune.

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Light Hearted

Inspired by the can’s retro design and the beer’s low ABV and calories, this playlist includes some of favorite throwback songs perfect for a daily work out or spontaneous dance party.

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