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Eclipse Cider Shandy Recipe

November 7, 2023

Close out autumn with the ultimate Eclipse Cider Shandy! This one’s a crowd pleaser, folks. Yields 1 drink… but you’ll want a couple more. Cheers! 


·         9oz Oberon Eclipse 

·         4oz apple cider 

·         2oz sparkling apple cider 

·         1 orange wedge 

·         1 apple, sliced (for garnish) 

·         1tbsp sugar + ½tsp cinnamon (for rim) 


·         Ahead of time, frost a glass. 

·         In a small dish, combine sugar and cinnamon mixture. Rim the frosted glass with an orange wedge. Dip the glass in cinnamon sugar mixture and coat the rim. 

·         Add apple cider and sparkling apple cider to glass and stir to combine. Squeeze the remaining juice from the orange wedge into your glass. Top with Oberon Eclipse. 

·         Optional: garnish with an apple slice dipped in cinnamon sugar mixture. Enjoy immediately. 

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