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A tropical designed box with four bright cans

Fighter Flight Variety Pack

Beer Info

Our flamingos are back with our newest variety pack. Fighter Flight is a collection of four Flamingo Fruit Fight variants: Raspberry, Blood Orange, Ginger Lime, and Cherry. A perfect pack for those summer get togethers, Fighter Flight highlights everything we love about the series: sessionalble, crushable and refreshing ales brewed with real fruit. 
  • Ginger Lime Flamingo Fruit Fight: Session Ale with Ginger & Lime, 4.0%
  • Raspberry Flamingo Fruit Fight, Refreshing Raspberry Ale, 5.0%
  • Cherry Flamingo Fruit Fight, Session Sour Ale with Cherry, 4.5%
  • Blood Orange Fruit Fight, Session Ale with Blood Orange, 4.5%
Category: Variety Pack
Shelf Life: 6 month

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