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A full nonic glass sitting next to a bottle of Whiskey Barrel Aged Cherry Stout

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Cherry Stout

Aged for up to 12 months in whiskey barrels, our signature Cherry Stout evolves into something even more flavorful and complex.

Flavor Profile

Two blocks of CHOCOLATE
A barrel of beer
A face that just ate something super sour!

Beer Info

Notes of oak, vanilla, and dark chocolate are intertwined with tart Michigan cherries in a stout that seduces the palate.
Category: Larry's Library

Alcohol By Volume: 9.3%
Shelf Life: Unlimited
Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, House Ale Yeast, Cherry Juice

Available Packages

12 ounce bottle

4 pack

A draught handle


Recommended Glassware

A snifter glass