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Hot take: Bell’s Brewmaster on our 2 new summer variety packs

June 21, 2023

This summer, we have not one, but two new variety packs to enjoy! And to break down the beers inside of them, we talked to our Brewmaster Andy Farrell, who gave his notes about what makes each beer stand out to him. 

Oberon Variety Pack 

  • Mango Habanero Oberon: This was a beer that was really difficult to scale up from our innovation system to find a spice balance that’s flavorful but also approachable. We found a ground habanero pepper powder that has a really nice character. I love it because it’s consistent.  
  • Citrus Oberon: The orange and lemon zest really make this flavorful. Beer drinkers always say that Oberon smells like citrus, but this smells like CITRUS 
  • Cherry Oberon: The cherry aromatics are just great, and that comes from the ingredient selection. It’s a vibrant beer with great drinkability.  
  • Oberon: OG Oberon has a wonderful palate as a recipe to build on with different flavors: everything about the beer, from hops to years to ABV, is approachable. When I think of it from an artistic standpoint, it’s like a beautiful base canvas that you can paint on in any way that you’d like. That’s what makes Oberon a great jumping-off point for a lot of these innovations. Fruit and wheat beer, go well together, we know that, but Oberon in particular, has a balance and approachability that makes for a fantastic marriage and opens a palette of flavors. 


Looking for the Oberon Variety Pack? Take a look at this article on our Help Center with all the information you need. 

Bell’s Mixed Variety Pack 

Our Mixed Variety Pack has three favorites plus one exclusive brew. What does each beer bring to the pack?  

  • Two Hearted IPA: Two Hearted is our flagship beer at this point: it’s solid, always consistent, and always good.  
  • Oberon: Oberon has the balance right there in the middle place for the pack. 
  • Lager for the Lakes: Light, beautiful drinkability, this beer is made for the middle of summer. 
  • Change of Heart — West Coast IPA: What I like about this beer is it has a traditional brewing approach but with modern hops that are more fruit-forward. It’s a nice pairing with Two Hearted, with different aromatics and flavors. 


Looking for a delicious summer variety pack? We think there’s no wrong choice here! Grab one (or both) variety packs for your next lake day or backyard grill out and let us know which is your fave on social. 

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