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Throw the Ultimate Oberon Day Party!

March 19, 2024

One of our favorite parts about Oberon’s annual release is everyone who comes together to celebrate it! From the Eccentric Café in Kalamazoo to the streets of Ann Arbor or the pubs of Chicago, the return of Oberon is a time to get together with friends and toast to good times to come. 

Another way to celebrate is by throwing your own Oberon Day release party. Whether you celebrate on March 25th or in the weeks following, you can capture the Oberon vibe. Here are some tips to welcome back the return of our beloved American Wheat Ale – and actual sunshine, hopefully. 

Have a theme

Every good party has a theme, and yours can too! In the past, we’ve had themes such as “Welcome Back, Sunshine,” “Reach for the Sun,” and “Sunshine in a Glass.” This year, our Kalamazoo location is leaning into a “Beach” theme in honor of a certain 2023 blockbuster hit. A theme will set the tone and make planning easier, since you will have an idea to focus on. 

Serving Oberon 

Let’s talk about serving the beer: 

Getting Oberon 

The best place to start is retailers who’ve carried Oberon or Bell’s beers in the past, including Two Hearted and Oberon Eclipse. Our Beer Finder is a great place to start. 

Make sure it’s cold 

This might seem like “yeah, not duh” but there have been numerous times I forget to cool down beer before a get together. Start chilling it early – depending on the temperature of the liquid and your fridge or cooler, it can take 30 minutes to two hours to get cold. 

Glassware is key 

Serving Oberon in bottles and cans is great – it’s the way a lot of folks prefer to drink beer– but pouring it into a glass opens up the aromas and adds to the flavor and aroma. And one of Oberon’s distinctive characteristics is its warm, orange, hazy glow. Think about getting some glassware to showcase all the features that make Oberon great! 

To orange or not 

Ah, the eternal Oberon debate: to garnish with an orange or not. The beer doesn’t need an orange slice, but it can add a lot to the experience, and a lot of folks enjoy it. 

Mix it up with cocktails 

Not everyone is a beer fan, but there are numerous other ways to enjoy Oberon. Here are some of our favorite cocktail recipes we’ve made over the years: 

Other drinks, too 

Even though it’s an Oberon Release Party, it’s wise to have other beers on hand Two Hearted and Lager for the Lakes are great to offer too. 

Food to serve 

Every party has to have snacks! Here are some of our favorite foods to pair with Oberon: 

  • Savory: Ham, duck, sushi, salads, fennel, basil, onions, pickles, tomato, mozzarella, cheddar.  
  • Sweet: Berries, watermelon, peaches, oranges 
  • Don’t forget the classics: Grilled foods like brats and burgers always go well with Oberon, too. 

Decorations + Oberon gear 

Sunglasses, astro turf, tropical printed shirts — a simple search at any local party store or major online retailer can offer an endless supply of decorations and gear for an Oberon Day party. 

We also have a constantly updated list of Oberon gear on our Online Store. (also, all things Oberon are on sale for March). 


Is it really a party if there’s no music? Make a playlist of your favorite summer vibes, or check out our collection of Oberon-inspired playlists: 


It’s always good to have some party games ready to bring out – and they are especially fun with Oberon. Come up with some beer related questions for Oberon Trivia, or have people try to guess what facts are true in “Two Brews and a Lie.” There’s also our new favorite….  Pin the Nose on the Oberon. Yes, this is real, and we have a PDF you can print off and use. 

An Oberon sun graphic without the nose, with smaller nose cutouts below it

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