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Craft beer-infused cocktails and recipes for the Big Game

February 5, 2024

While some people are in it for the football…or the commercials, for us it’s all about getting together with friends, sharing great food….and of course, beer. 

So, we’ve collected some of our favorite recipes and cocktails from over the years that could take your big game party to the next level.

And don’t worry — we won’t be throwing cans of Two Hearted like footballs at our guests. 


Here are some of our favorite recipes that include our beers as an ingredient. Also — if you’re near Kalamazoo, check out the take-out options from the Eccentric Café’s kitchen. 


No platter is complete without some desserts. Here’s two of our favorites: 


Getting together with friends is always a good excuse to make some fancy cocktails. Here are some that include our beer as ingredients: 

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